May 22

Today’s Behind the Cover Fact comes from Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom and is a useful tip for those of you making Julia’ s Chocolate Mousse.  “Folding” properly will make your recipes light and fluffy, and you can master this skill with Julia’s guidance!


"Folding egg whites or flour or whipped cream or anything else into anything like a cake batter is an essential part of souffle and cake making.  You have to incorporate the one into the other without deflating the puff of the one or the other.  To do so, plunge a large rubber spatula like a knife down into the center of the mixture, and draw it to the side of the bowl and up to the surface in a rapid scoop, bringing some of the bottom up over the top.  Rotate the bowl slightly, and continue rapidly and gently for several scoops, until the elements are blended—but do not overdo it and deflate the puff."

Excerpted from Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child. Copyright © 2000 by Julia Child. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc.

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